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WahmPro Terms of Service

Please read this agreement carefully. By purchasing services from us you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement, and your use of the services constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

  • Payment for Web Design Services
    Full payment is due at time of order before any services commence. Payment accepted via paypal. When paying with e-Check, please note that no work will begin on your design project until the e-Check has cleared through Paypal. We no longer accept checks as payment. Due to the nature of design work, no refunds will be issued. Please make sure you understand all details of design and time line before issuing payment
  • Initial Design and Revisions
    Design includes up to two mock-ups and up to 4 minor revisions to the final mock-up. It is important that you list all your concerns/changes to the design at this stage as once the final mock-up is approved and installed no more major changes will be made. Any major changes you feel should be made after this stage will be billed accordingly and will be made pending the designer’s schedule.
  • Third Party Changes
    WahmPro is not responsible for any changes made by a third party, including another designer, friend etc. Any changes that are to be made due to third party modifications will be done so at WahmPro’s hourly maintenance rate.
  • Acceptance of Agreement
    This agreement is a legally binding contract between WahmPro and the client.
  • Warranty Policy
    WahmPro does not offer any warranties on anything purchased at due to the nature of the internet. If you purchase a template and it is not what you wanted or decides the shopping cart you are using with the template no longer suits your needs, WahmPro is not responsible. WahmPro does not guarantee service, uptime, or damages in regards to clients hosting choice. Hosting issues are between the client and their host.
  • Credit Link
    WahmPro will include a link in the footer of your site. You agree not remove or alter these links in any way. We retain the right to place your link on our portfolio page.
  • Design Changes
    Small changes to the design are not acceptable. (example: if you keep the template design and layout but change out some or most of the graphics). WahmPro will then contact you to remove our template, as it is sold as a complete unit.
  • Copyright
    Our Designs should not be altered, cut up, colorized, reverse engineered, or re-used in any other manner than what was permitted in the listing. If you need a matching design created for another use, please contact us for a quote.. WahmPro retains the copyrights to their graphics, html code, template design and overall layout of the design. If stock graphics are used, the copyright of those graphics belongs to the original graphic artist. The client is granted a single use license to use the specific design you purchased but are not given sole rights as the copyright remains property of WahmPro and the graphic artist (if applicable). The client may not duplicate or sell the work at any time unless you sell your website and the graphics and html are included in the sale. If you wish to buy out our rights to the design you may do so for a 50% fee of the total web design cost. WahmPro shall be credited for work on the web site and retains the right to remove the credit from the bottom of the website should the website later stray out of the original design. In other words - if you maintain your own website and make it unappealing to the eye, we reserve the right to remove our link from the footer of your website.
  • Clients Responsibility
    Client is responsible to uphold all copyright laws. Anything submitted by the client to WahmPro to incorporate or use on any design projects must be yours or come with permission to post. Any images or text from other sites, unless purchased or with permission, are strictly prohibited. By submitting content to WahmPro, you are claiming ownership of copyrights on all material and WahmPro is not responsible for any disputes of copyright infringement. You agree to defend WahmPro from any liable that results in the use such material included any legal fees incurred.
  • Changes to Terms of Service
    Terms of Service can be changed at any time without notice.

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